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If you look closely enough at a single pebble, if you hold it  right up in front of your eye, it can obscure the entire horizon. Soon it can seem like the rest of the world no longer exists, such is the magnitude of that which obscures our view. So it can be when we experience problems. Like a magnet they can draw us closer and in so doing appear to dominate our lives. The world becomes grim, hopeless and very quickly we can see no way out, feeling trapped and isolated.

Yet the reality is that there is always a way out of the black and white thinking that can characterise feelings of extreme anxiety, depression and unhappiness. We can so easily become accustomed to our unhappiness and begin to see it as the norm, the idea of there being an alternative life seeming almost impossible. However with support we can regain a sense of ourselves and once again see hope for the future.

Change for the better is always a possibility.

Psychotherapy is of proven effectiveness in tackling these problems, as well as many others, including relationship difficulties, problems with anger management, problems stemming from bullying or abuse, post-traumatic stress, parenting issues, addiction and childhood conduct problems.


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